The Six Steps of Buying:

  1. Credit Score 
  2. Pre-Approval
  3. Know Needs and Wants
  4. Find Your Expert 
  5. Home Inspection
  6. No New Car

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1. Credit Score

Find out your credit score. 

Having a score above 700 will save you thousands of dollars in the future, because of lower interest rates. 

Need a boost?  

We have a credit specialist. 

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2. Pre-Approval

Unless you're an all cash buyer, you need to be pre-approved for a mortgage before house hunting. 

This is one of the most important steps needed to seal any deal.

Need a Lender? 

We know a few mortgage brokers. 

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3. Know Needs & Wants

Know what you want; know what you need. 

Imagine your dream home. Is there a pool? Allow some room for creativity, but some things are simply a must. 

Figure out what you need by exploring through our listings. 

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4. Find Your Expert

Work with an agent you can trust. 

The Mejia Group at Keller Williams Realty on the Water specializes as single agents.

We work for you. Only you. 

We have your best interest in mind.

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5. Home Inspection

You've found your Florida home. 

It's perfect! Practically. 

No matter how perfect it may be, it never hurts to have a home inspection prior to closing.  

Having a home inspection allows room for price negotiation. 

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6. No New Car

Do not buy a new car to go along with your new home before closing.  

Do not do anything that will change your financial situation.

You can be denied a mortgage, even if you were already pre-approved. 

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