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Robin Mejia



Master Negotiator & Real Estate Contract Writer

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Rosemary Mejia



Real Estate Marketing & Photography

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Robin Mejia

More than a REALTOR®

25 Years and Counting

With over 25 years of business, marketing, and design experience. Robin has been pursuing real estate since 1982. Robin’s ability to cater to clients and their needs is like no other. Most importantly, she understands the position of a home-buyer and seller and the complexities associated with both positions - making her an extremely valuable resource. With compassion and perseverance, she works to help clients complete the transitional stage of relocating as quickly and as comfortably as possible. 

Life Outside of Real Estate

Robin is charismatic, detail oriented, and always enjoys pursuing new experiences. Outside of the office, she can be found near the water enjoying sunsets with the family’s lovely Labrador, at the airport preparing to visit her son in Chicago, or enjoying an evening out-and-about with her daughter. 

Caring for the Future

In the Chicagoland area, she helps support students and young professionals by providing networking opportunities and mentorship on a local, national, and international scale. She has been opening up the family’s seven bedroom home to students completing internships in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago for over 8 years. Providing motherly-guidance and advice as an experienced successful entrepreneur, her past students have flourished in their designated fields and communities.

Take Aways:

Robin is:
•  A Sarasota REALTOR®
•  A master negotiator and contract writer.
• Detail oriented, charismatic, compassionate, adventurous, and persistent.

•  Family oriented. 


•  Writes contracts. 

•  Supports multiple students and young professionals.

• Manages multiple projects and properties for her clients.

• Loves her family.

•  Has traveled internationally.

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Rosemary Mejia

Well Rounded and Grounded

Fresh and Innovative

Rosemary provides a youthful, analytical, and innovative perspective to the Mejia Group, allowing additional insight into the trends of the market. A 20 year-old social butterfly living the Sarasota lifestyle, Rosemary brings fresh, new methods as a real estate agent and partner of The Mejia Group. As a second generation agent, Rosemary directly learned from her mother how to run a business. Her intellectual, sociable, and technological skills make her absolutely indispensable to her clients and a great addition to the business. 

Personal and Academic Accomplishments

Rosemary is a Student Ambassador at New College of Florida, the designated Honor’s College of Florida located in Sarasota. Rosemary is studying International and Area Studies, focusing on Scientific Innovation and Global Health, with a minor in Chemistry. Rosemary is conversationally proficient in French and Spanish. She also has beginner language proficiency in Chinese. Rosemary is also a New College Presidential Scholar and is a Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished American 2017 Illinois State Scholar.

Outside of the Office 

Rosemary adores traveling, experiencing different cultures, sailing, playing her clarinet, cooking, reading, and admiring architecture. You can find her backpacking Europe, exploring art museums, or attending cultural events. Rosemary loves enjoying the wonderful things Sarasota has to offer: Sarasota Opera, Sarasota Symphony, Sarasota Ballet, The Ringling Museum, Siesta Key Beach , St. Armand’s Circle, and Lido Key Beach. She enjoys hosting and attending social events at her college and is an active member of the Pre-Med Club, Baking for a Cause, and Sailing Club. 

Take Aways:

Rosemary is:
• A real estate agent.

• Sociable, personable, innovative, and technologically savvy.
• A student at New College of Florida.
• A world traveler, who loves culture and the arts. 

Rosemary can:
• Market and sell your home.
• Speak English, French, Spanish and some Chinese.
• Backpack through Europe alone.
• Take phenomenal photos.
•  Play the clarinet. 

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